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Haktan company with a license to operate in Armenia, Turkey, Finland, Spain can help you choose the immigration route, submit documents, interview and even arrange the destination, you can also get more information through the page about Haktan on the top bar of the site. Find out about your great company

Hundreds of Successful Cases

Haktan, a large company with about 550 successful cases in more than 20 countries, allows you to view examples of successful cases and experiences of other immigrants before choosing your immigration route, and choose us as your guide with more confidence. do it


It is a Country in the Southwest of Europe with Rich History, Natural Landscapes, Lovely Beaches, Diverse Culture and Immigration Opportunities, Which is the Focus of Many Immigrants for Life and Work.

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Germany is an Advanced Country in the Heart of Europe, and with its Rich Cultural and Long Civilizational History, Endless Job Opportunities, Quality Education and Excellent Infrastructure, Germany is known as a Very Popular Immigration Destination. From Germany's Natural Beauty to Dynamic Cities and Rich Culture, Germany is a Great Place to Live, Study and Work.

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Canada, a Country with a High Quality of Life, Cultural Diversity, and Many Job and Educational Opportunities, Invites People to Experience a Diverse and Successful Life in North America.

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Steps to Migrate with Haktan

  • Consultation with immigration specialists
  • Signing a contract and sending documents
  • Start the immigration process
  • Arrangements to reach the destination

In the first stage, you must make the best decision for your immigration, this important decision includes choosing the destination country, checking the immigration requirements, choosing the immigration path (such as work, study or family immigration), and financial and time planning related to immigration.

Haktan immigration consultants and experts and lawyers will help you at this stage completely free of charge to make the right decisions in choosing the starting conditions for your immigration.

At this stage, you must collect and organize all the documents required for immigration

Then send your documents by signing the contract and receiving complete information from Haktan Holding’s lawyers

This can include your education documents, work records, health certificates, and other documents related to your immigration

At this stage, you must complete the procedures related to obtaining a visa or permanent residence according to the type of immigration you have chosen (such as work or study immigration).

This can include interviews, providing documents, and complying with relevant immigration laws

After arriving in the destination country, you must make important arrangements such as finding housing, obtaining a residence card, and starting work (if related to your type of immigration), this step requires careful planning and adaptation to the new environment.

Each of these steps requires careful attention and you may face your own problems and challenges, which is why the advice and guidance of immigration professionals is very valuable at every step.

Dr Amir Amrolahi


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CEO and Owner of Haktan Company

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